Ensalada de Betarraga

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Peruvian Ensalada de Betarraga Recipe

Beet Salad Recipe
beetroot salad

The beetroot salad It is a dish consumed worldwide and therefore, there are many varieties of this rich recipe. We Peruvians have adopted this delicious salad among our dishes, transforming it to our own style and gastronomic taste. Beetroot is a tuber very tasty and nutritious, which gives this salad its characteristic purple color, in addition to its particular flavor. To eat!

🔪 Prep Time10 minutes
🍲 Cook Time20 minutes
⏲️ Total Time30 minutes
🍽️ Servings4 servings
🔥 Calories80 calories


  • 2 bundles of beets
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 1 white onion


  1. Cook the beets with the shell (skin) in water until just covered, reserving 1 cup of the liquid.
  2. Peel the beets and cut them into slices.
  3. Place the liquid from the beets, the vinegar and the sugar in a pot. Add the sliced ​​beets and cook over medium heat for a few minutes until the water begins to boil.
  4. Then let them cool, drain them, put them on a plate and decorate them with sliced ​​white onion.
  5. To finish, add a splash of the liquid where you boiled the beets, the vinegar and the sugar.

Now you know how to prepare this delicious, rich, nutritious salad, but I have TWO SECRETS that you may not know.

Tips and tricks

  • This Betarraga Salad is perfect to accompany meats or to serve as an appetizer.
  • In addition, this salad can be stored for several days (2-3 maximum) but always with the cooked liquid.
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Additional information

The main characteristics that we can highlight are: detoxifying, regulates pressure, combats constipation, is a good antioxidant and regenerator, relieves menopausal discomfort and strengthens the immune system.

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