Peruvian Masato Recipe

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Peruvian Masato Recipe

Are you interested in our traditional drinks? Are you a lover of homemade liqueurs? Then our Masato preparation is what you are looking for. We talk about a Exquisite homemade liquor based on fermented cassava, very popular from the Amazonian ethnic groups to the capital. Continue with us and let's learn more about this drink. Let's get started!

How to prepare masato

Peruvian Recipe of Yucca Masato
Peruvian Yucca Masato

The yucca masato recipe is traditional for us Peruvians. It is for this reason that I am talking about its rapid preparation as well as its ingredients, quite easy to find and also very cheap.

🔪 Prep Time30 minutes
🍲 Cook Time0 minutes
⏲️ Total Time30 minutes
🍽️ Servings6 servings
🔥 Calories50 calories


  • 3 kilos of yucca
  • 500 grams of sugar
  • 500 ml of boiled water


  1. How to make the jungle masato? It's very simple; peel and wash the 3 kilos of yucca. Then let it boil until cooked (when softened).
  2. Now, crush all the yucca and add the sugar little by little. Next, add the water and mix everything very well until you have a soft dough.
  3. Immediately, pour it into a container, made of clay if possible, and let it macerate for about a week.
  4. After macerating for the recommended time, mix the dough very well with a little more water and strain to avoid impurities.

It has been that simple. How about? now we leave you to make it even better 2 tips unmissable for you.

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Tips and tricks

  • If you are one of the people who like stronger flavors, you can let it macerate for approximately 10 days and it will take on a different flavor.
  • To enjoy the liquor flavor more, you can add a bottle of brandy to the preparation. This will even allow you to have it ready in less days.

Additional information

Masato is a delicious liquor, whose origin is diverse. This is because this delicious drink has its origin in the Amazon jungle, occupied by countries other than Peru. What we do have clear is that the mass of Yucca It is typical and indigenous to our country.

This alcoholic beverage is obtained by the ancient process of fermentation. Furthermore, it is for this reason that the ethnic groups manage to know when it is ready, since a foam forms in the preparation when it manages to ferment. This way of preparing it is still maintained among the native ethnic groups of the Amazon jungle.

The traditional way of crushing the cassava is very peculiar in these jungle ethnic groups, since it is done by chewing it previously. Clearly this is highly impractical in commercial preparation, so alternative methods have been sought. The most common is to grind or crush the cassava and add bread yeast . It's not just faster; but also facilitates its consumption to a majority of the population in the country.

The masato is very useful for gatherings throughout Peru. That is why it is so important to know how to prepare it at home, just as we have taught you. In short, this traditional liqueur, which is also completely natural, is ideal for sharing and enjoying.

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We hope you liked our recipe and information about the traditional masato. Comment, rate and share through all social networks with friends and family. We want to reach all of Peru!

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