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Peruvian Sanguito Recipe

El Sanguito, is one of those heirloom desserts , which are passed down from generation to generation and which we hardly ever see today. A simple but delicious mix of corn flour with chancaca (panela or piloncillo) that is decorated with colored sprinkles, will be the delight of children and adults at home. Let’s …

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Peruvian Leche Asada Recipe

Who has never tried a Leche Asada? We will hardly have a negative answer, it is like never having eaten rice pudding or purple mazamorra. It is the showcase dessert, we can easily find it near our house. The famous roasted milk is never missing on display. Here the recipe! How to …

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Peruvian Arroz con Leche Recipe

Rice pudding is one of the most famous desserts in Peru and a tradition in the city of Lima. It’s on the menu at most restaurants, soda fountains, and even on birthdays. Do you want to learn how to prepare it and surprise your family and friends? Let’s go with the recipe! …

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